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Factory Schedule Maintenance in San Luis Obispo

Sometimes, vehicle owners resort to DIY auto repairs and find themselves in a bigger problem after. That’s usually the case if they are not paying attention to quality and are just keen on minimizing repair costs. If you think about it, repairs become more costly in the long run with the unskillful manipulation of auto components.

Scott’s Shop provides factory recommended services specifically for your vehicle’s make, model and year. This guarantees that the proper manufacturer guidelines are followed thoroughly to get the job done right! We cover most of the big car makers and strive to give a positive customer experience every time! Your satisfaction is ours too and we keep you updated all throughout the phase with our dependable and friendly staff!


Our Detailed Factory Services

wheel alignment- Also called breaking or tracking, wheel alignment is the procedure of adjusting wheel angles according to manufacturer specifications to prevent premature tire wear, and to ensure the vehicle travels straight and in the right direction. Bad roads can alter the alignment of your vehicle which causes difficult handling. For this reason, professional services are highly encouraged to gain optimal drivability and ensure your safety.

suspensions and steering- Our complete system evaluation comes standard with inspection of parts such as shocks, struts, and springs and then replacement of damaged components. It is advised that your steering and suspension system be checked every 50,000 mi to ensure fuel economy and longer auto lifespan.

radiator repair and replacement- Running your vehicle produces engine heat. This is where your radiator comes in and prevent the engine from overheating. Our mechanics inspect for leaks, radiator failure, and overall condition of the coolant. Moreover, we follow a factory scheduled maintenance to keep small particles from blocking the flow of coolant through the radiator and engine.

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