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Factory Service

Factory Schedule Maintenance in San Luis Obispo

Sometimes, vehicle owners resort to DIY auto repairs and find themselves in a bigger problem after. That’s usually the case if they are not paying attention to quality and are just keen on minimizing repair costs. If you think about it, repairs become more costly in the long run with the unskillful manipulation of auto components.

Scott’s Shop provides factory recommended services specifically for your vehicle’s make, model and year. This guarantees that the proper manufacturer guidelines are followed thoroughly to get the job done right! We cover most of the big car makers and strive to give a positive customer experience every time! Your satisfaction is ours too and we keep you updated all throughout the phase with our dependable and friendly staff!


Our Detailed Factory Services

wheel alignment- Also called breaking or tracking, wheel alignment is the procedure of adjusting wheel angles according to manufacturer specifications to prevent premature tire wear, and to ensure the vehicle travels straight and in the right direction. Bad roads can alter the alignment of your vehicle which causes difficult handling. For this reason, professional services are highly encouraged to gain optimal drivability and ensure your safety.

suspensions and steering- Our complete system evaluation comes standard with inspection of parts such as shocks, struts, and springs and then replacement of damaged components. It is advised that your steering and suspension system be checked every 50,000 mi to ensure fuel economy and longer auto lifespan.

radiator repair and replacement- Running your vehicle produces engine heat. This is where your radiator comes in and prevent the engine from overheating. Our mechanics inspect for leaks, radiator failure, and overall condition of the coolant. Moreover, we follow a factory scheduled maintenance to keep small particles from blocking the flow of coolant through the radiator and engine.

Transmission Service

Transmission Service in San Luis Obispo

Perhaps one of the most complex components in your car is the transmission. It is responsible for shifting gears automatically or manually and can be too costly to repair depending on the type and extent of damage, or the make and model of the vehicle. Therefore it is crucial to detect transmission problems and prevent your vehicle from entirely shutting down. Our certified mechanics at Scott’s Shop follow a point-by-point process to identify problems and complete the needed transmission services. While there are many factors to a transmission breakdown, getting the professionals’ help can always save you a great deal of time and money. Wherever you are in San Luis Obispo, we get you back on the road as soon as possible and ensure your safety while doing so. That’s the deal you get from our crew!


When do you consider a transmission repair then? There are often warning signals that can hint you about the need for one. These can include:

– Lack of response when shifting into gear

– Whining, clunking and humming

– The check engine light comes on

– Grinding or shaking

– Fluid leakage under vehicle

– The car spontaneously pops out of the gear

– Transmission noises in neutral

– Burning smell

Your Problem, Our Job

Because your transmission is a delicate component, it is (almost) always not recommended to rely on do-it-yourself repairs. Even if your intention is good, one wrong manipulation and your vehicle is in for a long period of inactivity. We know how frustrating this can be so we want to take care of everything while making sure you have peace of mind. From transmission replacement and transmission rebuilding, to transmission maintenance and minor repairs; we assist you each step of the way!

Our transmission services include

Transmission Replacement – This is a process of replacing or fixing damaged parts of your transmission. For example, there is fluid leakage from the external seal. Only the involved parts will be replaced instead of the entire system to minimize overall costs.

Transmission Rebuilding – Rebuilt transmission is one that entails taking apart and replacing of damaged parts. Then they are reassembled to factory specifications with new soft parts. It is important to know that this is a custom process best done by a specialist like Scott’s Shop in San Luis Obispo.

Transmission Maintenance- To ensure your transmission works at peak performance, we take preventive steps such as changing the transmission fluid, changing the filters regularly, or inspecting for fluid leaks and transmission noises.

Engine Repair

Engine Repair in San Luis Obispo

The engine is understandably the heart of your vehicle. When your engine breaks down, what do you usually do? Even with proper care, wear and tear or overheating happens and can give you a major problem. Some would just opt to buy a new or used vehicle to avoid inconvenience, but the smart consumers would always go to the professionals for better alternatives. Scott’s Shop in San Luis Obispo has the knowledge to tell you what’s going under the hood and provide you with solutions to add mileage to your vehicle. We are composed of ASE-certified mechanics whose experience in auto engines cover the simple to complex systems. When you come to our shop, you’ll come knowing that you and your vehicle will be treated with utmost care and professionalism.


Below are some indicators of a failing or “dying” engine:

– Smoke coming out from tailpipe;

– Undesirable automotive smells

– Excessive oil consumption or water mixing in oil;

– Knocking or tapping sounds;

– Car is popping and locking

– “Check Engine” light is on

Be On The Safe Side

If you think you have any of these signs, then you might need our professional help. Your engine is composed of different parts working together to power your vehicle; but the wrong technique to engine repair can spell disasters instead of miracles. Not only do we see to it that problems are completely detected the first time, we also think about the options that are best for you and your budget. When you trust Scott’s Shop, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be brought back to its good working condition without unnecessary costs. We are consumers ourselves and we know that other service providers charge more than what they give. But we are not like that as customers remain the priority of our business. It’s how we do things at Scott’s!

What We Do

Preventative Engine Service- We’ll take proactive steps even before your problems occur. Our team will conduct a visual inspection of your engine components and complete the necessary services to prevent your vehicle from potentially failing. It is important to have your engine parts inspected and regularly checked to keep maximum efficiency.Filter Replacement- When regular cleaning doesn’t do the trick, it’s time for filter replacement! Our mechanics will only install quality parts and do so while following your manufacturer’s recommendation to increase fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and prolong engine life.Fuel System Cleaning – The fuel system is composed of the gas tank, fuel lines, fuel filters, fuel pumps, fuel injectors and a spark plug. When they are not cleaned properly, you produce less power for ignition while using more gas. Our mechanics use industry-standard techniques to remove deposits and gunks from your fuel systems!

Auto Repair

Auto Repair in San Luis Obispo

Studies shows that more and more motorists are delaying repairs either because they feel they are cash-strapped or think that recommendations given by mechanics are not all necessary. Well, there may be a few that can be ignored for awhile, but majority are for your safety and that of the people who are with you. What if you are on the road and your brakes don’t apply firmly? Thinking ahead is always beneficial just as getting repairs early on is a safe act. If there’s one thing delaying repairs can do to you, it is bringing more serious issues in the long run.


Quality And Affordable Auto Service

Nobody likes to think about car problems, but they are unfortunately part of owning one. Scott’s Shop understands vehicle owners and offers the same quality auto repair services at reasonable rates. When you ask for our professional help, you will always be greeted warmly like you are part of the vehicle repair process. From inspection to quality assurance, we keep your best interests in mind and hope to do repeat business simply through honest, affordable, and reliable services. Do not risk your safety by getting an inexperienced team to get the job done. Scott’s Shop is here making sure that precision shines through all our works!

Getting More Than What You Paid For

Have you tried getting a car repair and have paid an unreasonable rate for substandard work? We don’t want you to think of any more problems because you come to us already with a few. We assess your vehicle with a comprehensive approach and we try to detect as much potential problems as possible. Whatever make or model, whether simple or complex systems, we strive to exceed your expectations in all aspects! We believe our customers are our assets and we do everything to let you feel exactly that!

Come see us today for expert repair services for:

– Engines and transmissions

– Fuel injection systems

– Vehicle tune-ups

– Air conditioning repair

– Radiator repair and replacement

– Electronic diagnostics

– Suspensions and steering

– Clutch repair and replacement

– Alignment and axles

– Brake system repairs

Our auto shop is open for all types of repair needs. With our dedicated team, your vehicle will be repaired quickly and you will always be charged a reasonable rate for our services. Let us give you a little extra peace of mind with our own brand of customer service. At Scott’s, we keep your car running well for years to come!

Brake Service

Brake Service in San Luis Obispo

When it’s time for Brake Service, it’s time to take your car to Scott’s Shop in San Luis Obispo! Our team of ASE certified mechanics can tackle brakes for all makes and models, and can even recommend brake pads and rotors for your specific needs. We’re meticulous about our work here, so you can ensure your brake job is completed correctly. So next time you’re driving around San Luis Obispo and your vehicle needs brake service, think Scott’s Shop.


Reliable Brakes For A Safe Ride

Your brake system is important in achieving a safe auto experience. But most people tend to treat lightly the fact that without proper brake service, you can just smash into things! Truth is, when you keep a car for the long haul, brakes normally undergo wear and tear. This is the reason why all car brakes need as much attention as you would give to design and appeal. But how do you exactly determine the need for a brake service? If you are not confident on how your brakes work or don’t feel safe when you apply them, then you probably need some professional help. Knowing the common signs of a faulty brake system and acting on them when spotted keeps you from more expensive repairs.

Some indications of a brake problem include:

– Brake pedal feels squishy and sinks to the floor
– Vehicle pulls to the right or left when braking
– Steering wheel shakes when brakes are applied
– Vibration after stepping on the pedal
– Brake squealing or whining
– Brake part is making a clunking noise

Always The Right Kind of Service

The tricky part is that not all cheap repair shops provide reliable service, and the costly ones don’t also guarantee quality workmanship. Scott’s Shop prides itself in executing thorough brake system diagnosis and repair services throughout the San Luis Obispo area. Our technicians have undergone different trainings and are therefore qualified to service even the most complex systems. Not only do we inspect and correct your known problems, we also determine the potential ones to keep you safe on the road. We offer full-service repairs, from brake inspection and installation of new brake pads, to resurfacing or replacement of brake rotors, brake fluid change, brake bleeding, and replacement of brake components. Whatever the brake system needs, we can bring your vehicle back to its good working condition, promptly and professionally!

Our Brake Services

Installation of new brake pads or shoes: Brake pad replacement is one of the most common services for brake systems. These pads stop the vehicle by applying pressure on rotors or drums (in other cars) and therefore have the greater tendency to wear out over time.

Resurfacing or replacement of brake rotors or drums: Brake rotors also cause problems as they take pressure from the brake pads. The rotors and/or drums need to be resurfaced or replaced especially when pads were not replaced early enough.

Resurfacing or replacement of brake rotors or drums: Brake rotors also cause problems as they take pressure from the brake pads. The rotors and/or drums need to be resurfaced or replaced especially when pads were not replaced early enough.

Brake fluid change: Low brake fluid is a result of worn disc brake pads or a leak in the brake system. Brake fluid change then allows for fully functional brakes and an overall safe driving experience.

Brake bleeding: This is a procedure done to remove air bubbles from the pipes and hoses containing the brake fluid. With brake bleeding, the hydraulic pressure from within the system is improved, enhancing the brake performance with it.

Replacement of brake lines, hoses and other brake components: All these components should be inspected especially for any leaks. Any leak can be dangerous as it can cause brake failure. Thus, the defective component should be changed to keep your safety and that of the motorists.

We know you have plenty of options when it comes to selecting a mechanic here in San Luis Obispo. We also know that all auto repair shops aren’t created equally.
Scott’s Shop isn’t just another mechanic; we’re part of your family. Servicing your vehicle isn’t taken lightly here – it’s done with respect and professionalism. When you step into our shop with a malfunctioning vehicle, you’ll quickly see why we’re San Luis Obispo’s favorite auto repair shop. Professionalism and ethical business practices are at the pinnacle of our operation. Trust Scott’s Shop to service your vehicle and see why our clients return year after year for the same great service.