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Transmission Service in San Luis Obispo

Perhaps one of the most complex components in your car is the transmission. It is responsible for shifting gears automatically or manually and can be too costly to repair depending on the type and extent of damage, or the make and model of the vehicle. Therefore it is crucial to detect transmission problems and prevent your vehicle from entirely shutting down. Our certified mechanics at Scott’s Shop follow a point-by-point process to identify problems and complete the needed transmission services. While there are many factors to a transmission breakdown, getting the professionals’ help can always save you a great deal of time and money. Wherever you are in San Luis Obispo, we get you back on the road as soon as possible and ensure your safety while doing so. That’s the deal you get from our crew!


When do you consider a transmission repair then? There are often warning signals that can hint you about the need for one. These can include:

– Lack of response when shifting into gear

– Whining, clunking and humming

– The check engine light comes on

– Grinding or shaking

– Fluid leakage under vehicle

– The car spontaneously pops out of the gear

– Transmission noises in neutral

– Burning smell

Your Problem, Our Job

Because your transmission is a delicate component, it is (almost) always not recommended to rely on do-it-yourself repairs. Even if your intention is good, one wrong manipulation and your vehicle is in for a long period of inactivity. We know how frustrating this can be so we want to take care of everything while making sure you have peace of mind. From transmission replacement and transmission rebuilding, to transmission maintenance and minor repairs; we assist you each step of the way!

Our transmission services include

Transmission Replacement – This is a process of replacing or fixing damaged parts of your transmission. For example, there is fluid leakage from the external seal. Only the involved parts will be replaced instead of the entire system to minimize overall costs.

Transmission Rebuilding – Rebuilt transmission is one that entails taking apart and replacing of damaged parts. Then they are reassembled to factory specifications with new soft parts. It is important to know that this is a custom process best done by a specialist like Scott’s Shop in San Luis Obispo.

Transmission Maintenance- To ensure your transmission works at peak performance, we take preventive steps such as changing the transmission fluid, changing the filters regularly, or inspecting for fluid leaks and transmission noises.

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