Tune Ups

Auto Tune-Ups in San Luis Obispo

Auto tune ups offer several benefits to motorists. It can enhance engine performance and vehicle lifespan, improve fuel economy, and restore power. Because the engine has many parts in it that can suddenly break down, a tune up procedure perfectly makes sense in keeping your vehicle running. Although service requirements might differ from one vehicle to another, the general rule stays the same—regular tune ups are necessary to ensure your engine doesn’t just shut down while you are on the road.


Here are a few indicators for a tune up service:

– Decreased gas mileage

– Compromised power

– “Rough” running engine or stalling when stopped

– Engine “knocking” during acceleration, or running on after the ignition is turned off

– “Check engine” light remains on

Personalized Tune Up Services

Scott’s Shop is San Luis Obispo’s trusted name for all tune up needs. We have the right facility and manpower to make sure your vehicle is not only visually appealing but also awe-inspiring from the inside. Our tune up process involves a comprehensive inspection of key areas such tires, brakes, fluids, minor parts, and ignition system. These are technical aspects we would be glad to take care of from start to finish. As your local auto service, we strive to bring the same precision and quality you would normally get from bigger auto service shops—except that we care for our customers. Here, we treat your vehicle like ours and offer the best tune-up services possible!

Tune Up Points

*Tire- Sometimes we tend to overlook our tires because they seem to work fine without much attention. But they can also wear out slowly but surely each day. For this reason, air pressure has to be checked routinely and your tires have to be refilled to save fuel, improve handling or avoid accidents.

*Brakes- There’s no telling how troublesome faulty brakes can be. In fact, they are a threat to you and your family. Brakes inspection and troubleshooting at a regular basis gets you going safely and efficiently. And with early troubleshooting, you are sure to avoid more repairs in the future!

*Fluids- Radiator fluid, transmission fluid, and brake fluid provide lubrication and/or aid in a better driving experience. They may not necessarily be car parts, but preventive maintenance at their level ensures an optimized car performance for a long period of time.

*Minor parts- Replacing broken filters, wires, belts, and hoses will save you from major repair needs and will contribute to your overall satisfying auto experience. Just because they are small doesn’t necessarily mean they are not important. In fact, when they fail, it may be long before you get back on the road.

*Ignition system- Although different ignition systems run on different vehicles, some parts may remain the same. In most instances, we cover the tune-up of sparks plugs, ignition wires, and distributor rotors which wear out either because of pressure or heat.

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